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-Accommodation and Host Families......


We have a professional network of over 100 host families in the local area, with many being experienced hosts to foreign students of various ages and nationalities.

We individually screen all families with a stringent exclusion criteria. All families provide comfortable lodgings in a family orientated household.

Sometimes our return students have a preference for staying in familiar surroundings, which helps improve their learning capacity and to gain the most from the stay.






As part of our accommodation package for the entirety of our visitors stay, our host families are able to offer either: 


Full-board stay____Room, breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal with family.

Half-board stay____Room, breakfast and evening meal with family.


Packed lunch typically comprises of a sandwich, drink, piece of fruit or other item of choice, sufficient for daily study and sightseeing activities.

If students have any special dietary needs or allergies to pets etc, we are able to make suitable arrangements with their respective host families in advance. We ask you to make sure this is indicated after confirmation of your formal booking request and final programme schedule and well in advance of your arrival.




Costs - subject to change- please call


Student under the age of 18 years-                                  Price on application

Student aged 18 and over-                                            Price on application 

Teacher/Group leader:


       host family (mainly twin rooms)                             Price on application

       per night guest house (single rooms also available)     Price on application


We ask our Host Families to accommodate 2/3 students in suitable adequately sized rooms. The families also enjoy their evening time social hours with the students if their group leaders/teachers do not permit them to go out of the house after the evening dinner.


However, as our Host Families have a variety of various occupations covering 7 days a week i.e doctors, nurses, public services, shopkeepers etc they are not available to supervise the students during daytime hours.




We have been without any serious incident throughout the 15 years we have been business, and expect to stay this way!

Obviously the teachers accompanying the group are required to take full responsibility for the actions and behaviour of their students at all times.

However we do actively manage any concerns from either the students or their parents in an appropriate manner. Ultimately, we believe the safety and welfare of the students is paramount. Naturally, in line with current EEC directives, all of our host families have been police checked.

We expect students to abide by home return times (see programmes) and respect the host families household and to be considerate to all family members.


Students under 16 are not allowed out after evening dinner.

However, as part of a programme, occasional late return from the West End theatre or cinema are scheduled and host families are informed as necessary.






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